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Information for Hirers

There are a number of key issues affecting the use of the Hall based on past experience:

● The Hall is managed and maintained by volunteers.

● The wooden floor is delicate and prone to damage by dragging chairs

● The local primary school uses the Hall and we need safety in mind re: broken glass etc.

● The Hall is managed remotely so please ensure all equipment and lights are turned off.

Access to the hall is via our keysafe which is on the RH side of the doors in the porch at the front of the building. As long as the full payment has been made, the code will be emailed to you.

Dogs - Please note that dogs are not allowed on hall premises (this is a council bylaw).

Lights - outdoor and porch lights are in the lobby to the left of the main doors in the hallway. Lights for the main room are on the opposite wall, on the left, just before the doors into the hall itself. There is also a dimmer switch to control the amount of light.

Heating  - the wall heaters require £1 coins in meters which are in the committee room. They are switched on in the main hall, next to the committee room door. £1 will give you approx 45mins of heat and you probably will only need them on for a short while.

Chairs and Tables - are in the big storeroom behind the red wall. Please use the wheeled chair mover and do not drag the chairs. When replacing the chairs and tables, please put them back where you found them, it’s a tight fit, but it works if you do them in the right order! If you need more tables and chairs, you will find them in the shed, just outside the fire door. The padlock code is the same as for the main doors.

Lights for the bar - these are above the storeroom doors. The hatches open into the hall.

Decoration of the hall - you are very welcome to decorate the hall, but please ensure everything is removed before you leave.

Please do not use foil confetti as it is very difficult to clear up!

Deposit Information

Your deposit is held by the Committee until after the event. It both reserves your date, and is also held against any damage or extra cleaning work.

The return of your deposit will depend on all the following :-

  • The hall is left as you found it with nothing missing, broken or damaged (if when you arrive, you feel that the hall has not been left correctly you must let us know there and then. Otherwise you will be liable for any damage).

  • Turn off all lights and appliances

  • Lock up and replace the key in the safe - please move the numbers around from the code

If all is satisfactory after your event, the deposit will be returned to you, usually within a week, by our treasurer via BACS.


You will find all the large equipment in the big storeroom, and cleaning products under the sink in the kitchen. The school children in the village use the main hall for their gym so it is very important that everywhere is clean and safe.

Main hall

  • Any tables and chairs need to be returned to where you found them *

  • Clear up food, broken glass etc.*

  • Sweep the floor *

  • If the floor is not clean then please use the mop with the spray attachment filled with water. Please do not use the ordinary mop and water on the wooden floor.

  • Remove all decorations, balloons and poppers etc that you have provided *


  • Wash and put away all cutlery and crockery used *

  • Wipe all kitchen surfaces

  • Dispose of any food and empty bins if required (please bring refuse sacks with you for this purpose) *

  • Leave used tea towels in the sink *

  • Switch off the boiler and empty water tray to the urn *


  • Please check that your guests have flushed the toilets after them! *


Committee to arrange cleaning

If you only wish to tidy away, then we can do the cleaning for you, for a charge. There is a list in the hall of what we mean by tidying away and these are identified above in green and with the (*) at the end. If we have back to back bookings, or due to other circumstances we may not be able to to offer this option.

Leaving the hall at the end of the event

  • Turn off all lights and appliances

  • Check all external fire doors are locked and all windows closed

  • Lock up and replace the key in the safe

Bank Details for deposit and hire payments

Our bank details are as follows :-

Account No : 00205971  Sort Code: 30-11-08

Account Name - Farthinghoe Parish Council Village Hall

Please note that we no longer accept Paypal.

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