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Farthinghoe Village Hall Goals


We continue to review our goals on a regular basis and to ensure that they fit how we see the hall moving forward.

Last updated October 2022.

1.    Physical upgrade:

       To continue enhancement of the Village Hall facility for the benefit of the local community by:
      a.     Finish the kitchen project which will include the tiling and additional electrical work
      b.     Focusing on the Village Hall grounds to ensure they continue to be attractive to all visitors.

      c.     Working with funders to progress the solar panel project.
2.    Procedural enhancements:

      a.    Continuing to review our processes and procedures on a regular basis
      b.    Continuing to review all agreements and contracts with both our Suppliers and Customers.

3.    Increasing/Protecting income:

       a.    To review regularly our marketing strategy for hire, and also encouraging the use of the hall by our villagers.

       b.    Keeping core running costs to a minimum.
       c.    Reviewing our website and those sites where we are mentioned.
       d.    Creating and managing events specifically for the Village, encouraging both its involvement and use of the hall.

4.    Building relationships with Stakeholders:

      To recognise the Stakeholders in the Village Hall environment and be pro-active in engaging with them by:
      a.    Regularly reminding ourselves who they are.
      b.    Creating a two way communication process to pick up any issues early.


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