Farthinghoe Village Hall Goals


Each year, the committee works together to agree our goals for the coming year. Here are the goals agreed for 2020 - 2022.

1.    Physical upgrade:

       To continue enhancement of the Village Hall facility for the benefit of the local community by:
      a.    Continuing enhancement of the storage area to provide managed storage on 2nd level incl a safety rail.

       b.    Focusing on the Village Hall grounds to ensure they are better maintained and more attractive to all visitors with a

              new hall sign.
      c.    Building a patio area which will house a stone built BBQ.
      d.    Creating a viable plan, including funding, which will upgrade the heating system and provide hot water to all areas

              as appropriate.

2.    Procedural enhancements:

       To put in place a management system which will be both transparent and documented, allowing consistency for

       following Farthinghoe VIllage Hall Committees. This will be achieved by:
      a.    Regularly reviewing our processes and procedures.

       b.    Creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Parish Council.
      c.    Continuing to review all agreements and contracts with both our Suppliers and Customers.

3.    Increasing income:

       To put in place a marketing strategy allowing maximum use of our facilities for hire, but in the context that the Hall is

       for the benefit of all Villagers. This will be achieved by:
      a.    Publishing a marketing plan, based on research and discussion with all stakeholders. This will be reviewed at least

              twice a year by the Committee

      b.    Keeping core running costs to a minimum.
     b.    Enhancing the website based on feedback and linking with the marketing plan.
     c.    Creating and managing events specifically for the Village, encouraging both its involvement and use of the hall.

4.    Building relationships with Stakeholders:

      To recognise the Stakeholders in the Village Hall environment and be pro-active in engaging with them by:
     a.    Regularly reminding ourselves who they are.
     b.    Creating a two way communication process to pick up any issues early.