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About Us

About the Hall

The Hall is managed by an elected Committee. Income is generated by hiring to external organisations and individuals, running a 150 Club and various social events to provide funds to enhance the hall and the ongoing running costs.

Since 2018 the hall has been substantially upgraded with new bamboo flooring in the main hall,

a new kitchen and new central heating and hot water. Superfast wifi has also been added.


Recently new flooring has been installed in all toilets, the committee room and the the kitchen.

Our bar has been named in memory of Dave Hancock who worked tirelessly on the hall over many years.


We have also received a generous grant from Midlands Co-op to add stage curtains which were installed in April 2021 and a grant from the Rank Organisation to help with the hot water installation.


We are so very grateful to these organisations in helping us upgrade our hall as well as everyone who gives so much of their time to help.

Our next challenge is to add solar panels to the roof.

Regular classes held at the hall include children’s ballet, adult ballet, ballroom dancing, table tennis, martial arts, Baby sessions, U3A sessions, Pilates and an art class.

It is owned by the village and all villagers are encouraged to have their say and take part in managed activities or to use it for their own private functions, taking advantage of the reduced hire rates we offer.

We organise a range of Village activities from Balls to Parties, to race and film nights.



The current Village Hall was built in 1981, on land conveyed to Farthinghoe Parish Council in that same year. Planning permission for the new Hall was granted in February 1979.


Since then the Village Hall and associated land has been held on trust by the Farthinghoe Parish Council for the benefit of the village.


The day to day running of the village hall is undertaken by a committee of local residents.

Prior to 1981, there was a earlier hall, on the main road opposite the allotments - which has since been replaced by housing. This hall was given to the village by Mrs Rush of Farthinghoe Lodge in 1935 - see below for the article in the Northampton Mercury on 9th August that year.

The ownership passed through Brackley RDC and was also looked after by the British Legion - but in 1958 the village took ownership with the help of a grant from the Ministry of Education and a Village Hall Committee was formed. Since then a Village Hall Committee has been responsible for the management of the hall.

In a booklet produced in Farthinghoe in 1977, it states that ' at present a group of residents is trying to negotiate for a fresh site where a new hall could be built, alongside a playing field...... but finance is not easy nowadays'.

Ten years after that original booklet, it was updated - as follows :

'One outstanding achievement has to be recorded in this period, the building of the new Village Hall in Cockley Road. That this project was brought to fruition in difficult times is a tribute to the courage and determination of the small committee which fathered it.


A commemorative tablet near the entrance records another remarkable feature - that one man, Geoffrey Chiltern, erected this extensive stone building by his sole efforts, under the guidance of Trevor Ellis, a Churchwarden, who acted as surveyor. Dick Mulllins, son of the former Rector, carried out the electrical work'.

Farthinghoe Village Hall Goals

Last updated October 2023.

We continue to review our goals on a regular basis and to ensure that they fit how we see the hall moving forward.


1. Physical upgrade

To continue enhancement of the Village Hall facility for the benefit of the local community by:

  • Remove the various sheds and add a container for storage of items.

  • Focusing on the Village Hall grounds to ensure they continue to be attractive to all visitors.

  • Working with funders to progress the solar panel project.

2. Procedural enhancements:

  • Continuing to review our processes and procedures on a regular basis.

  • Continuing to review all agreements and contracts with both our Suppliers and Customers.


3. Increasing/Protecting income:​

  • To review regularly our marketing strategy for hire, and also encouraging the use of the hall by our villagers.

  • Keeping core running costs to a minimum.

  • Reviewing our website and those sites where we are mentioned.

  • Creating and managing events specifically for the Village, encouraging both its involvement and use of the hall.


4. Building relationships with Stakeholders:​

To recognise the Stakeholders in the Village Hall environment and be pro-active in engaging with them by:

  • Regularly reminding ourselves who they are.

  • Creating a two way communication process to pick up any issues early.

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